Bringing you up to date

Herman and Mary Ann at Liliu'okalani's Birthday lei

Herman and Mary Ann at Queen Liliu’okalani’s
Birthday Celebration

It’s been over a year since I have had time to post to this blog. What a time it has been.

In 2012 we decided to make a concentrated effort to sell our Spokane home. This meant taking time getting the house ready to sell. Cleaning out 30 years of house accumulation took longer than we thought. Our realtor was contacted and she gave us more work to do. In November the house was listed with the expectation that it would take a long while to sell.

This was not to be. It sold six days after the listing. Closing was scheduled for December 2oth. So, we had to pack everything we wanted to take to Hawai’i over the holidays.

We moved to our home in Hawai’i in the middle of January and our household goods arrived the middle of February. Much time was then spent fitting ourselves into the much smaller house.

Since then, we have traveled to visit our daughters’ families. We have also entertained guests along the way.

Evening on Kailua Beach

Evening on Kailua Beach

Through this all, we have been settling in to Hawaiian culture. We have joined the Bishop Museum, gone to cultural events and taken cultural tours. Mary Ann and I usually take evening walks along the beach or the levy protecting our town from floods.

I have joined a local Hawaiian civic group and have been involved in helping to maintain cultural areas in our community. I have joined a ukulele club and Mary Ann and I have been to nā kanikapila (jam sessions) on the beach and at friends’ and relatives’ homes. I have also joined a hui olelo Hawaiʻi, a group learning to speak Hawaiian.

Through this time, I have been pondering about life and reading more about Hawaiian history, culture and ancient civilizations. I have been reflecting on these influences in my life and my art.

The Blog software has been updated to provide a better experience. I hope you enjoy it. My next post will combine my new ponderings when I share with you in my next entry about an award I received recently.

ā hui hou (till later)


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2 Responses to Bringing you up to date

  1. pj The Big Kahuna says:

    Gomen asai Herman,
    I totally blew it on the OKINA in Ka ‘imiloa. I will work on it…. Guess I will be degraded from The Big Kahuna to Pocho Man !?!? Malama pono

  2. pj The Big Kahuna says:

    Aloha Kaimiloa,
    I had heard that you had completed your repatriation mission. But, had not seen any new posts. It was almost time to send out the search parties. Like you, I have been discovering the many changes to my home turf over the 15 years I spent in the desert Southwest. As Confucius would say, “You can take the kid out of the islands; but, you can’t take the Islands out of the kid”…. or was it Bruce Springroll (… aka Frank de Lima ??? ) Welcome Home Imua Lanakila pj

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